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Unit 2 – Probability and Distributions Leah Lopez American InterContinental University Abstract Within this email, I will cover different probabilities within your company. This information can help you to understand whether or not your employees are satisfied with their jobs or not. Also within the results of this survey, you will find that your employees are not distributed equally in terms of gender. Memo To: AIU From: Leah Lopez Date: November 13, 2012 Subject: Survey of employees at American Intellectual Union Dear AIU: Within this email, I will be providing some information from a survey that was given to your employees. This information can help you to understand how satisfied your workers are with their…show more content…
A knowledge of bias will help you to understand which results are worth using for your business (Ayres, 2009). Distributions A distribution table can keep all of this information (numbers, row data) handy. A person can look, and say, oh, the participants in this survey were 75% male, or 25 % female. The managers can “see” the information and not just the raw data. Then complete the following distribution tables. Please pay attention to whether you should present the results in terms of percentages or simple counts. Distribution of Individuals by Gender |Gender |Percentage | |Females |50% | |Males |50% | Tenure with Company Distribution by Gender Please note that you do NOT have to convert these into percentages. You may leave them in a count format. | |Under 2 years |2-5 Years |Over 5 years | |Male | |8 |11 | | |13 | | | |Female | |10 |3 |

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