Busn460 Week 1 - 2 Analysis Report

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Team A – All Pro Consulting Week 2 Analysis Report Kai Chan Mary Ann Insall Jason Borron Thomas Burris Marcus Coss DeVry University Introduction CanGo, Inc., founded in 1996 by founder and CEO Elizabeth and her friend Andrew, is located in Hudson Valley. It is an online company that is able to offer a wide variety of books, music and videos to consumers and end users. In addition to that, the company also recently included online gaming service for a low subscription fee. Although it was stated in the video that the company quickly became the fastest growing company in Hudson Valley with its larger than expected growth over the last few years, it is clearly all by chance. They may have been growing tremendously, but the…show more content…
These operators could answer basic questions and could even be trained to deal with other issues that customers may face. Another common complaint is the lack of customer service phone number on the website and shipping containers. This is easily fixed by making sure that the phone number is easily available to all that need it. The company’s website scored rather well according to the “Mystery Shopper” report in the company’s intranet. Basic complaints were posted by the secret shopper regarding the site itself, but these were mainly opinions and personal preferences. The issues noted came in the shipping side of the order fulfillment process and many are noted within the “Employee and Product Flow” memos as posted by Jack. Bestsellers account for 20% of CanGo’s business, and these titles are normally stocked within the warehouse. This leaves 80% of titles that customers order that are not in stock at the time of purchase. These titles are either ordered from the publisher or from a third party vendor whom sends them to the CanGo warehouse, and then relabeled and sent to the final purchaser. This process can take several additional days of order fulfillment, and therefore can create a customer service issue. Further into the notes it mentions that orders are held until complete, meaning that if a customer orders three titles and two are in stock, those two do not leave the

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