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Club IT Club IT is a nightclub owned and operated by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. The club has retained and even increased its niche customer base making it a success, so far. The evenings are usually the busiest time for Club IT because locals enjoy going out to eat, drink, and socialize with friends. Ruben and Lisa decided with this success it is time to expand; more specifically, they want to expand on their information system for more than profitability to the club but to allow their customers additional information and reliability. A nightclub is a different type of business and there is much to learn, through monitoring I have come to learn the clubs current needs and their targeted demographics. Club IT offers their patrons a…show more content…
Ruben and Lisa need to ensure they are looking at these numbers as estimates and ensure the young clientele who are the demographics of the club do not become uninterested with the club because of the lack of change and ability to embrace new technology. Club IT’s website is the key to progress. Customers want convenience and the ability to conduct transactions on their PDAs, Blackberry’s or laptops therefore developing a link on the clubs website to purchase tickets to concerts or live bands will allow these quick purchases. The current website is not updated frequently and does not offer an accurate description of the club or its promotions. Ruben and Lisa need to ensure that their customers have an overwhelming great experience, which will keep them coming back. The implementation of a few simple m-commerce functions can help them accomplish this; mass e-mails announcing new bands or mid-week promotions, drink or food specials and advance ticket purchases will draw clients to the clubs website and create a following. This will lower personnel requirements, lowering overhead because clients are able to complete their own transactions on the club’s website; purchase and print tickets to an event of their choosing. However, this will not be an inexpensive undertaking and may take several months before the cost-effectiveness of the investment is fully noticeable. Leasing the systems and applications may be an alternative for Ruben and Lisa to consider. Once
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