Buss 661 Week 1 Assignment

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Resolving High Turnover BUS661: Leading Organizational Change Dr J: Jim Jeremiah July 15th, 2013 “The images, metaphors, or frames that we hold, both of managing and of change, influence our ideas of what we think managing change is all about” (Palmer, Dunford, & Akin, 2009). As people we all see through our own eyes, we call see a different perspective and have a different reaction to what is coming next. As human beings we react differently to situations. Situations of change are transitions that some are able to adapt to quickly while others have a hard time. Being the leader of that change can be difficult and helping make a change does not come easily or effectively. Keep and Newcomer (2008)…show more content…
The change Image the consultant took was definitely the most beneficial by helping Gunter interpreter a new type of change by using the high turnover to the company’s advantage. Another change image that could have been used to help Green Mountain Resort with the high turnover could have been Image 4: Change Managers as a Coach. Gunter could have help deliberately mold the organization’s natural ability in specific ways. “Rather than dictating the exact state of each play as the director might attempt to do, the coach relies upon building in the right set of values, skills, and “drills” that are deemed to be the best ones that organizational members, as players, will be able to draw on adeptly in order to achieve desired organizational outcomes” (Palmer, Dunford, & Akin, 2009, p. 30). In conclusion, the statement at the start of the chapter that “if we only draw upon one particular frame, then this will take us away from thinking about what is going on from an alternative perspective” reminds us as manager leading change in an organization to not just jump to the first idea on how to make change. We need to be able to think outside the box and make a change in how we react to change and what are first instincts of action would be. Having different perspectives in how to go about change will allow managers to really engage and figure out what the best plan of

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