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INGRID B. TAGAL PROFESSOR JEH-NAN PAN DECEMBER 2008 BUSINESS DECISION METHODS ESSAY Fall semester ended. Now, it's time to evaluate myself and think of the things that I learned the whole semester. Honestly, I did learn a lot of things in all my subjects. I felt like a sponge, absorbing all the knowledge I could possibly have. For Business Decision Methods, I met a lot of acquaintances and stranger, I should say. Before I came into the class, 1was not so clear of what to expect about it. But not so long, the professor started orienting u.sxzii%&e_topiaat will be lectured the whole semester. I realized that BDM, is not really Greek to me. In fact, I met old acquaintances such as Mr. M e Mrs. Me*, Ms. Minzmax, and the…show more content…
Linear programming aids you in identifying whether, for example, two alternatives would yield a higher profit if mixed or not, and if it should be mixed, what proportions would be adequate or could optimized the payoff. Similarly, costs can also be minimized at an optimum level using this method. This is very important for decision making in Finance, as this will help you arrive at the most efficient and effective solution for the problem. Wow! I did learn a lot this semester. And I know that the knowledge I acquired fiom this subject would help me in facing endeavours or circumstances in the future. I am now equipped with the knowledge of Business Decision Methods. I can't believe that the fall semester ended already, it seems and it felt like it was not 5 months ago when I first arrived here in NCKU. Just like the old cliche, '.'Time runs fast," I would say. It . might sound dramatic for me to end this essay like this; but truthfully, within the 5 months stay here in NCKU, I did learned a lot and treasured a lot. And I ~ w e i ~ - a l l _ t p P m y Y ~ ~ f e s S ~ ~ ~ t g NCKU, as a whole. Professor, I want to express m heartfe~atitude-t0-y~u,to IA@A y the department, and to NCKU for granting me the privilege, which I am_ueq+beased to have, to _ a / - study in this w e l m - n . Professor, I am most g r a t f o r v ~ u ~ @ f & and k n o w l e d . . Though your schedules are hectic, you still devoted time and

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