Bussines Plan for a Coffee Shop

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The report elaborates on the proposed business plan of Meeru Coffee Café’ (herein referred as the company). The main aim of the business plan is to propose how the company aims to run its operations in order to promote a good brand image of the company in the market (target audience), to generate a high profit. This business plan highlights the potential customer base, needed staffing and marketing mix and also highlights the financial details of the proposed café.
Meeru Coffee Café’ is determined to be the number one for coffee lovers. This is a place to forget the daily stress in life, a place to meet friends or simply read a book. We are expected to open in May of 2013 near Adi Park, Male ' City. Male '
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Meeru Coffee will strive to serve the customer base with an outstanding service while selling tasty coffee beverages.
Some of the main reasons that customers return to a specific café’ is great tasting coffee, prompt service and pleasant atmosphere. Meeru Coffee will price its product offerings competitively with a reasonable price range. Meeru Coffee strongly believes in selling coffee with a great service in a pleasant atmosphere will help the company to build a strong base of loyal regulars.
Meeru Coffee will offer coffee, cappuccino, espresso, frozen cappuccino, mocha, brownies, cakes and homemade cookies. Customers can enjoy the coffee treats at our café’s beautiful setting or can buy the treats as takeaways.
To approach the four segments, namely; students, office workers, teenager and the general public, the company will sell the products directly to customers at the café’. Creating a positive word of mouth by providing quality services will be an effective method to reach to customers, hence, Meeru Coffee will work towards in building a good brand image through its quality services and products. As Meeru Coffee reaches to stable customer base, it will develop a website by which we can easily reach to more customers as it will contain information about the company products and services.
Meeru Coffee will offer some of its products at prices that are little cheaper than the competitors,

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