Bussiness Plan for Mobile Movie Theater

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PART C 3.0 Introduction India is a developing country and thus the step at which development occurs would clearly be more than that of the developed countries. India thus is a perfect fruitful soil for any new business to bud up and display. It should be highlighted that when recession interfered as an unwanted guest into the global economy, the Indian economy succeeded in surviving with insignificant minor injuries. India is a nation which has a bright history of wonders to showcase who excelled in the various fields of business. It is never the lack of new business ideas in India which remains as obstructing factor, but the restricted capital. A lot of unique products are there in India which remains in evergreen demand. But the primary…show more content…
• Rather than watching a new film the audience needs luxury and comfort. • Petrol price is increasing day by day. So most of them are not interested to spend money on transportation .So the need for mobile theatres are vital. h) Barriers to Entry The industry is highly competitive. The existing investors will prevent the introduction of new facility for watching movies. i) Regulations No such regulations except license required from government for the mobile theatre. j) Service Potential Currently Cinema Paradiso is focusing on emerging the interest of audience to watch movies from theatres. But in future they are planning to extend their operations by producing and distributing films in all the regional languages. k) Target Audience Cinema Paradiso will be starting its process in Cochin, Kerala. This market is almost 8% of total Kerala state market of 800 theatres. In starting stage Cinema Paradiso will have 10 mobile theatres, which will target mainly the audience those who live in residential areas as groups. l) Competition Cinema Paradiso will enter in a highly competitive market. But the following two will be direct competitors for them. • Cinemax, Oberon mall, Edapally, Cochin . • Q-cinemas, Gold Souk Grande,Vytila,Cochin 3.3.6 Marketing Strategy 1. Value Proposition • All the latest technology equipment from quality manufactures. • Providing

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