Buster Bynum Education Scholarship

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I would like to express my thanks to the Buster Bynum Education Scholarship for allowing me the opportunity for financial assistance through your scholarship program. Being the second child in my family to attend college, I know that college can be expensive. At the age of seventeen, I am the youngest of six children. I learned from my family that they will give me all the love in the world, but when it comes to money I have to earn it. For the past three years I’ve earned my gas and spending money working a part-time job laying sod for Mid-South Enterprises LLC. I am confident that my parents will help as much as they possibly can financially, but with the assistance from scholarships my out of pocket tuition cost can be less.
I am determined to work hard academically as well as athletically; both my
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I also plan work part time and interact with professionals through internships. While touring the university I found that they have great opportunities to get involved in the community and I plan to volunteer in those programs. For example, there are tutoring opportunities to work with young children, volunteer opportunities with St. Joseph's Diner, and there is an active branch of AmeriCorps in the local community in which there are ample opportunities to give back to the community in which I will be living. I will be staying on campus in the dorms where I will also have to include a meal plan. This scholarship will also help with those financial needs. Considering my financial situation, it will be tough for me to obtain these goals without the help of scholarships. College can be expensive and Buster Bynum Education Scholarship would not only provide me with the opportunity to defray the high cost of tuition, but would allow me to concentrate on my studies and graduate from college with
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