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STUDENT DETAILS ACAP Student ID: 226155 Name: Louise Butler Course: Diploma of Counselling CHC51712 ASSESSMENT DETAILS Unit/Module: CHC8D31V Facilitate the Counselling Process Educator: Jeff Taylor…show more content…
The purpose of counselling is to help people develop new ways of coping with problems and to facilitate change, empowering people to manage their own lives. Counselling is a formal process that focuses on the individual needs of the client, such as problems with drug and alcohol, relationships and grief. Counsellors abide by strict ethical principles and accepted practices, concerning matters of confidentiality, professional boundaries and record keeping. The counselling relationship is confidential except for matters that require mandatory reporting, this includes any concerns about a child who may be at risk of harm, and concerns of the client being at risk of self-harm. 2. Explain to a new client the nature of the client-centred approach to counselling. The nature of the client centred approach is based on the idea that the client is the expert on their life, and have a natural ability to find solutions to their problems. The relationship between the counsellor and client is on a person to person level. By building a good rapport with the client and providing the core conditions of congruence, unconditional positive regard and empathy, the client is able to work through their issues. The counsellor does not solve problems, or give direct advice. The client is encouraged to be confident in their own ability, and not be dependent on others to solve their problems. 3. Identify three important areas to address with clients in

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