Butps Butts Butt Research Paper

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Butts Butts Butts nothing but butts. I don’t like butts because they bad. no butt but badd butt help you poop in the night and everybody-one poops a lot its good for you!!!!!!!!!! Butts help you sit ont eh toliet and thye help yo go pop opp. My friends jhon cam to school yesterday and I was like :0 omg jhon you cut your hair!!!!!!! And he was like "yeah mate" but i was like why "you say m"ate when where not even british adn i was like omg spank the hinny! Whop Whop Whop in tbe knuckels its okay to feel that way. My favorite badn is aplhabet soup and i like animal craphe of ocourse i wouldnt want to jut stik in the butttttttttts are so . WE ARE THE CRYSTAL GEMS! WE'LL ALWAYS SAVE THE DAY! AND IF YOU THINK WE CANT WE'LL ALWAYS FIND A WAY THATS
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