Butterfly : A Romantic Drama Directed By David Cronenberg

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M. Butterfly is a romantic drama directed by David Cronenberg in 1993. This screenplay was based on the written by David Henry Hwang on his play with the same name. Jeremy Irons and John Lone presented as the main characters of this film. The time shown in this film is from 1958, before the outbreak of the Vietnam War; across the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) until 1986, which situated in Beijing, China and Paris. Rene Gallimard as Jeremy Irons, is a diplomat at the French Embassy in Beijing, China, at a time when France and the People’s Republic of China are establishing diplomatic relations. He falls in love with a Chinese opera diva, Liling Song, as recognized as John Lone, when he first time went to an opera and saw this beautiful Chinese “women” on the stage performed a famous play, Madama Butterfly, by Giacomo Puccini. Madama Butterfly describes a love tragedy between a Japanese geisha and an American officer. The Japanese beautiful woman is spoony and chastity. She did not expect her lover already married; at the end she killed herself to accuse the betrayal of love. Rene and the Song’s love story began with Madama Butterfly, however, in M. Butterfly, Song is not the Oriental female who sacrifice for the love. In fact, Song is a Communist agent that disguised by a male. There are varied themes that present in this film, which are stereotypes, ideology, Orientalism, imperialism and sexism in comparison to both East and West cultures. This paper will focus
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