Buy A Gram Or Keep It Banned?

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Buy a Gram or Keep it Banned? For years society has been taught that marijuana is “a bad drug”. Is society just letting their great grandparent’s discrimination ruin the bright future of marijuana? Research has shown numerous medical uses that have saved lives or aided in treatment of common diseases. Marijuana has never had any known overdoses or negative health effects by adult users. Marijuana has the possibility to generate millions in revenue, primarily at the state level if legalized and taxed. Legalization would have a great impact on organized crime, such as cartel sales, thus reducing crime rates. These are only some of the many advantages of legalized and regulated marijuana sales. Therefore, one could deem it irrational to ban…show more content…
As marijuana enters the body, THC binds with cannabinoid receptors and activates neurons (Bonsor and Gerbis, “How Marijuana Work”). The reason why the body easily takes THC is due to its similar chemical makeup to Anandamide. Anadomine is naturally produced in the brain-THC is the pain reliever; this is what causes the high feeling when used (Welsh,”23 Health Benefits of marijuana”). The other chemical factor is CBD. CBD binds with cannabinoid transmitters just like THC, but they differ. CBD causes no high but aids in anxiety and sleep and works as an antipsychotic (“Differences between CBD and THC”). How Marijuana is Used Medicinally. Marijuana has many medicinal traits such as pain relief, increased appetite, sleep aid, reduce cancer cell growth, inhibit tumor growth, and a slow formation of amyloid plaque which causes Alzheimer’s (Cannabis and Cannabinoids). One of the most extraordinary cases found on this topic is Charlotte Fiji, a 3 month old who started having seizures. The seizures rapidly increased over time lasting up to 3 hours, 300 times a week. Charlotte’s parents tried every conventional medicine; anti-seizure medications, special diets, and therapies. Doctors where running out of options, and their best bet to save Charlotte’s life was to put her into a medically induced coma to give her body a rest. Her parents wanted more of a life for her then being on a ventilator. Her father was deployed in the military, and he
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