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Comparing Homer's Odyssey and Joyce's Ulysses

This essay will analyze the style, genre and plots of the "Hades" episodes found in Homer's Odyssey and Joyce's Ulysses. Before entering this small treatise, it is important to understand the etymology of the word Hades, since it is the setting for both Joyce and Homer (of course in Homer's case, he was speaking of the literal aidhs and Joyce was referring to the graveyard, where Bloom attends the funeral of Paddy Dignam and "broods about the death of his only son "). Homer's use of the word Hades was to refer to the abode of the dead or the unseen nether world; where we find Odysseus searching for Tiresias, to find out how to return to Ithaca safely. The Homeric Hades
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With Homer, we find narration (when needed), good sentence structure, understandable plots, proverbial wisdom, Greek history, Greek mythology, and true heroines. In Joyce, we don't find an omniscient narrator; nor a consistent sentence structure but rather a 'stream of consciousness'; we don't really find a clear plot; we don't have any true heroines as defined by the standards of the Western world because the two main characters (Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus) don't accomplish any feats or beat any obstacles in the nineteen hours Joyce gives them . Among the eighteen episodes in Ulysses, little happens; however, in the eighteen episodes of the Odyssey, adventure is at its best, as far as Greek literature is concerned.

It's funny though, even though Joyce's writing is cluttered with 'streams of consciousnelss' there is an ironic structure that can only be understood while wearing the spectacles of Homer. In Joyce's Voices, Kenner, professor of Humanities at Johns Hopkins University, writes that "Joyce was Homer's scrupulous apprentice. It was Homer, we've seen, who held his wild book together ." If we are to find any structure whatsoever, we must look to Homer, for only in Homer will we find salvation in Joyce. Joyce, much like Hegel and Nietzsche, helped father existentialism in the literary world. Just as Picasso's synthetic cubism changed the art worldso Joyce shaped the twentieth century literary world
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