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uBuy Malaysian Products Campaign 1.0 Introduction Buy Malaysia Campaign is aiming to encourage consumers to buy Malaysian made products. This is because they are not only priced reasonable but also helping local entrepreneurs to grow. The campaign is focusing to increase public awareness of the products offered by the Malaysia producers and can compete with international products standard. It is also response to the economic slowdown a couple years ago. These studies explain about the important of buying of the Malaysian products campaign. According to Datuk Rohani, Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (MDTCC) issue from Borneo Post Online. By launching the Buy Malaysian Products Campaign it will create an…show more content…
2.3 Product Quality One of the most important issues in this campaign is the quality of the products itself. Products are bundle of physical, services and symbolic attributes designed to satisfy a customer’s wants and needs Kurtz (2012). The product quality is based on the durable and packaging of the products. Durable means how the products can last long during the usage. Packaging is the label and decoration of the products that can attract the local consumers. Malaysian consumers assume that the global products are far more qualities than the Malaysia products. The price competitive also affects the Malaysian consumers to buy Malaysian products. 2.4 Awareness The awareness of the Malaysian consumers still not convinces them to buy the Malaysian products. Because they still did not know the quality and important to buy Malaysian products. The lack of mentality awareness of the Malaysian consumers, stop the attempt to buy Malaysian products campaign. For example, Japanese and Korean had high positive awareness and always proud with their own products. These make them increase the economic growth on their country. 3.0 The Challenges The challenge that the buy Malaysian products campaign facing is promoting the brand of the Malaysia product. According to ( Norjaya, Mohd Nasser and Osman,2007), by building a strong brand it can become a marketing priority for

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