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Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) – Does it really boosts the Sales?

Gone are the days when customers use to easily lure away by the gimmicks of the marketing persons. Today the customers are cleverer and demanding than ever before. They cannot be easily caught in the snare of the companies’ ideological gimmicks as they used to be in the past. I would love to share with you a real life and an interesting anecdote which is about a sales promotion program of a well established and renowned cigarette company.

A week ago, in the afternoon, I stopped by a Pan Shop near my place, to buy a packet of cigarettes. There was an unusual rush on that Pan shop at that time. As I reached up to the counter, I came to know that some cigarette company’s
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In a nutshell, it has become a convention nowadays to hang a board of BIG SALE outside a retail outlet throughout the year. Today almost every company, having similar products or products with little or no differentiation, is vying to come up with a consumer scheme which will attract maximum number of customers to them. In spite of wasting their precious time on figuring out such types of consumer schemes which are now well understood by the smart customers and consumers of today, it is the high time now for the companies to think about some other ways to boost their sales. Product differentiation & Continuous Innovation can be the possible answers to their problem. Products which provide full value of money to their consumers don’t really need consumer schemes like BOGO since they sold out on their own without any such futile efforts.

By Anand Hisaria

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