Buyer Behavior Influence: Buying Clothing vs. Personal Computers

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Buyer Behavior Influence: Clothing Versus a Personal Computer Introduction The buyer characteristics that influence clothing purchases are significantly different than those involved in the purchase of a computer. Both of these purchases are driven by trust in the brand and products being sold. Each of these decisions is also determined by how effectively the brands involved have positioned themselves as complimentary to the individual preferences of the customers, and how the brand contributes to their implicit and explicit needs (Dholakia, 283, 284). Both clothing and a new computer are evaluated emotionally first and at a functional level of features second. The key to selling each is for marketers to gain insights into what matters most to customers and appeal to the emotional aspects of the purchase first (File, Prince, 41). Analysis of Clothing Versus Computer Buyer Behavior As buyers make decisions first based on emotions and how well a given brand aligns with and is congruent to their self-concepts, the criterion they use to judge clothing relative to computers will vary based on the psychographic value of specific brands (Eun, Youn-Kyung, 887). The clothing brand will need to underscore the fashionable nature of the clothing, along with the specific emotions the brand attempts to evoke in its advertising and messaging (Dholakia, 287). These aspects of the brand will also need to be coordinated with the individual customer preferences and self-concept, which

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