Buyer Behavior : The Consumer Decision Making Process

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Buyer Behaviour: The consumer decision-making process as it relates to a consumer who is replacing their kitchen Section 1: Introduction (about 150 – 200 words) Section 2: The Characteristics that Affect Consumer Behaviour (about 400 words) The definition of consumer buying behaviour is an individual and households who buy goods for personal consumption. There are four main influencers within the buying behavior of consumers which are the following personal, social, cultural and physiological. All these factors put together will determine whether the consumer purchases your product/service or which product/service is purchased. My customer who is with his wife and who is looking to have children in the very near future will have personal preferences and these personal preferences will also conflict with the wife who will also have her own personal preferences. Personal factors vary drastically between customers; this is all down to the life of your potential customers as they are not always same age and don’t always have the same preferences. This has meant the companies within the industry must have a wide product portfolio to cater to all the different types of customer needs. “Cookware now comes in a variety of different colours to match kitchens, as do cleaning and storage products, ovenware and utensils. The demand for such products has been fuelled, in part, by a recent trend towards large, open-plan kitchen-dining rooms” this statement was made by Robert Hucker in
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