Buyers Are The Other Side Of The E Commerce Diagram

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Specialized Buyers Buyers are the other side of the e-commerce diagram. Chaffer (2009) emphasized on factor such as value proposition of the consumer in the success e-commerce. Buyers are the other part of the successful creative arts marketplace. The buyers can be a picky group when looking at performing arts or creative arts products. There is little standardization available to guide the entrepreneur to select the products that the buyer would like. There is a marketing power with creative arts site that give opportunity to be able to cross-market to gain customers who are interested in the arts as expressed in other sites. Most creative products are unique to the producers, so offering substitutes is not an option.
As an entrepreneur, there is no control on the production of the item. When booking a performing arts group in a distant location all types of problem will surface causing great concern for the entrepreneur. Booking a large sale of creative products at one price only to find out that the cost of the raw materials has doubled is another type of problem that the creative arts entrepreneur will encounter. This could be peculiar to creative entrepreneur as it is one of the drawbacks of business-to-consumer e-commerce.
Women and Entrepreneurship
Bizgene (2011) suggested that women are beginning to be more involved in either independent or job related start-up as men, most especially in technology industry as creative entrepreneurs. The number of women
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