Buying A Business And Marketer 's Perspective Of Viewing

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Every individual person is unique and different. How they were born and grew up in certain places truly affect their lifestyles, personalities, and even their emotions. Different demographics, ethics, and other form of a group that separate people from each other tend to have different ideas within each other. When I think about every aspect of influences that has an impact on people’s different tastes, buying habits, and their beliefs, sometimes it makes me feel so complicated. Marketers, as we learned in chapters, in my own term, are business people that analyze and study the way each individuals react on certain promotions that they were given and carefully examine and plan a suitable service and product promotion offering to consumers that they think that plan is appropriate for them. Consumer behaviors are not only seen by the marketers, but also can be seen by it’s own consumers as well. Consumer’s perspective of viewing a business and marketer’s perspective of viewing a business can be different sometimes. Without understanding each other, consumers will not be able to experience a service or find a product that can be a beneficial to them. In other hands, if marketers have trouble with understanding consumers, then they will fail to bring out a service or a product that meets the consumer’s requirement and it will end up being fail project. This is why customer’s feed back is important for every business. Businesses learn from what consumers think about their
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