Buying A Car : A Successful Investor Strategy Is Having A Critical Look At Your Financial Objectives

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If your plan is to save and purchase a car, buy a house or build up your retirement then investment plans are very significant parts of every successful investor’s portfolios.

There is the need for each of the 3 persons stated in the scenario to come up with a strategy or a plan of attack to give them insight in their choice of investment. This strategy can be based on numerous factors, but all in all it bills down to one goal, which is making more money out what have been invested.

The initial phase in building a very good investment strategy is having a critical look at your financial objectives. The choice of what you want to work towards can make easy to separate the funds you that is needed for a set of attainable period Most aims can be categorized by time period-short term (12month period), medium term (between 1-5 years) and lastly long term (5 years and above).Knowing that each term brings about different approach.

Example the approach in investing to purchase a car will be looking at probably short term and this includes financial vehicles the has low risk.
The Question number 3 gives three different scenarios of three different people wanting to make a form of investment.

Scenario (A)-20 year old single person, starting employment. Looking to save for the future to purchase a house or car or pay for a wedding. He needs a high interest and a high return to make a quick return for his money.
Looking at the scenario this 20 years single guy has a very good…
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