Buying A Home May Be The Largest Investment

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Buying a home may be the largest investment someone will make in their entire lifetime. For most this is a very exciting time, but it is vital that buyers are aware of any or all possible complications that could arise when purchasing a new home. The guide that will help with these difficulties during this joyful and overwhelming time is known as a Title Insurance Agent. As stated by RSI Title, a Maryland Title Insurance company, “as a Title Insurance Agent, it is their job to coordinate the interests of all parties to a real estate transaction, including the buyers, sellers, mortgage lender and real estate agents. They are to make sure that all requirements for settlement are fully satisfied, and after the Sales Contract is ratified, it is sent to them to review for accuracy and completeness and to begin the seven steps of the title process.” Throughout the seven step process, an agent will help to direct the buyer in the safest route to ensure great quality of ownership and to protect this important investment.
In 2014, approximately 64% of people in the United States were homeowners according to the US Census Bureau. A large portion of those people, especially first time homeowners, are likely unaware of all the little pieces that go into buying a home; one of those pieces being Title Insurance. Buyers know from the start that a real estate agent will be of use to find the home of their dreams and that the bank will be involved to help with the…

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