Buying A Home : The Story Of Kito And Evie's Real Estate Market

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Buying a home was a significant financial step, therefore, to make the transaction a blessing, Evie realized that it was important to prepare for every aspect of the process. Uncle Leo and Netty also longed to own a home and although at this point, Evie had only verbalized her desire to do the same, she had not investigated the Real Estate Market, while Uncle Leo and Netty frequently spent week-ends touring Open Homes for sale in the hopes of finding the right one for them. Independently, they explored various neighborhoods in and around Redwood City, searching for desirable areas in which to buy property. While exploring the neighborhood where Kité and Nini once lived, they came across an older Spanish-style home, located on a corner…show more content…
Awaiting our arrival, the Sales Agent greeted us with a smile and introduced himself with a hearty handshake, his name was Wesley Haydock; an independent Real Estate Broker. “Welcome to 245 Alden Street,” he said, as he handed Mom and Uncle Leo his business cards. “It’s hard to believe that there is a house under all this brush, isn’t it? I’ve been told that pedestrians cross the street to pass this corner. A boogeyman might be hiding in these bushes!” Mr. Haydock’s comments did not discourage Evie, she admired his sense of humor and was eager to tour the home. As the Sales Agent lead the way to the front porch, the house came into view. Built in 1924, it was a Spanish-style, single story, bluish-green bungalow with a large welcoming porch. Mr. Haydock unlocked the glass Mission-style, exterior entry door with a skeleton key and invited us to enter and look around. The house consisted of a living room, dining room, a kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a mud-room with an entrance to the large backyard. Immediately recognizing the potential old-world charm of the dwelling, the house spoke to Evie’s heart, notwithstanding, every room in the house was painted a mocha shade of brown, with the exception of the yellow kitchen and a blue bedroom. A large mantle over a brick fireplace with a gas insert, flanked by a

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