Buying A New Brand Of Salsa At The Grocery

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The second step of the consumer buying process is searching for information, in which one seeks value. Once the problem is identified, the consumer searches for information about possible solutions. Depending on the complexity of the situation, a consumer will search more or less, which reflects his level of involvement. This is difference between trying a new brand of salsa at the grocery compared to buying a new car. When buying a car, most research heavily, while buying a new salsa usually involves little to no research. The buyer will use both internal and external information to guide his choice (Perreau, 2016). Internal information is already present because it comes from previous experiences that the buyer has had with a specific product or brand. This prior knowledge affects the customer’s opinion. This internal information is sufficient when buying consumer products. When it is a bigger purchase (financially), it is common for the consumer to turn to external information, which can be received by friends, family, reviews, advertisements, or media. In the information search, consumers pay most attention to internal information and the information gathered from friends and family. This is important to note when applied to crisis recovery. Consumers trust their peers more than reviews or advertisements. Therefore, when a brand goes through a crisis, it is especially helpful when the brand has the loyalty of many consumers, which spread this allegiance to their network…
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