Buying A Residential Or Commercial Property

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Chapter 2. Do you want to sell a residential or commercial property? What kind of real estate do foreign buyers prefer: residential or commercial properties? The foreign buyers are looking for residential and commercial properties abroad (quite possible - right in your country right now) and also for residential properties with a commercial angle - homes and condos for renting out while they do not use properties for themselves, for getting rental income. To prepare a good marketing plan for a particular type of property that you want to offer to the foreign buyers, the first thing to do is defining their possible motivation and then trying to meet their goals in your promotion. We will talk about the reasons why foreigners buy real estate in other countries in more details further, but here we just name a few. Residential properties: the foreigners buy abroad for vacationing, staying while on business trips, family living, for their children attending schools in your country and for income, too. Each country and area can attract different types of foreign buyers and from various countries, so it is a must for you as a private seller, developer or realtor first of all to outline a profile of your target foreign buyers (country or countries they might come from, goals of buying, budgets they are ready to spend based on some statistics available). Then you will be ready to plan your direction of promotion and budget it properly. All the…
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