Buying Behavior of Blog Shoppers

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Buying behaviour that occurs in blogs can differ significantly from the buying behaviour that occurs in other forms of social media. As stated before, blogs can portray several different forms of marketing that appeal to the consumers. Written from an unbiased point of view, consumers tend to put more weight into the opinion of other consumers than they would in other forms of advertisement such as banner ads or PR statements. The marketing efforts that can be found in blogs can have a huge impact on a consumer and therefore on the buying process in itself. (Solomon 2011, 137-139.)

What about women's buying behavior in blogs? In order to find out what types of factors in blogs affect the behaviour of women about buying situations, it is important to consider both internal influencers and external influencers. The consumers are unconsciously affected by both every time they make buying decisions, and it is therefore vital that both are considered when studying the topic.

As shown below in the Figure 2.5 on the next page, the consumer buying process is influenced by several different factors. The diagram is a modified version of an image created by Smith and Rupp, portrays what kind of thought process occurs when buying. The diagram was modified to portray the strategic buying process from the view point of a young Spanish woman who is using a fashion blog as a source of information. The original diagram, which considered the effect of social media on a buyer, was
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