Buying Patterns and Behavior: Influencers Essay example

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Activity 4.6 - Assignment: Module 4 Review
Part 1: Review Questions
What is an opinion leader? Discuss how marketers attempt to use opinion leaders to help sell their products? Provide examples?
Opinion leaders are individuals whose behavior and ideas are looked up to and are considered a model for others to base/reflect their own behavior and ideas or ideals and opinions on. These individuals have a way to influence others who follow them. Marketers attempt to use them to help sell their products for a particular target market most times because those within that target market can be more influenced if an opinion leader within their niche advertises a product. For example, Pink! ---the female singer who is known for her attitude of
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In this phase, the consumer may be easily or hastily influenced by time on hand and sale, atmosphere of the store/company and those within it, etc. Fourthly, the decision to which to buy, the consumer decides that he/she may prefer Craftsman over Snap-on because according to the sales rep or by what information they see on the package says that they have a life-time warranty, as well as it being cheaper compared to Snap-on and the customer just wants to get in and get out of the store. Lastly, the consumer may or may not be satisfied with their purchase which may influence whether they continue to purchase that same brand/product for future tasks or whether they go back to that store in the future or talk to that sales representative again or return the item.

Name and describe the roles played by buying center participants in the business buying process.
The roles played by buying center participants in the business buying process are the decision makers and are responsible for business purchases. They are the users, influencers, deciders, approvers, buyers, and gatekeepers. The users/initiators are those that will benefit most or recognize the benefits of the acquisition. The influencers can affect the final purchase decision in any way. The more influencers are needed/appear when the decision/goal is greater in complexity and cost. Deciders are individuals who either approve or disapprove of the proposal or specifications therein. Approvers make the “go”

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