Buying vs. Leasing a Vehicle: A Comparative Analysis

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To buy or to lease a car Abstract The lease versus buy decision is usually tough for many managers since these two options are profitable for the company and bear advantages. Understanding the impact of the decision to buy or lease a vehicle is quite tough for the managers. However, by applying economic reasoning which takes into consideration the qualitative and quantitative influences of each of the alternatives, it is possible to make the decision making process much easier. Leasing provides the advantage of paying only the depreciation costs for the vehicle in addition to taxes and other fees while purchase requires the buyer to pay the full value of the vehicle in addition to taxes and other fees. The typical values for purchase finance repayments and lease monthly payments show that lessees pay much less than the purchasers. The economic analysis presented shows that the lease is a more advantageous option than the purchase option when taken for a longer period of time as a result of having a shorter breakeven point for the company or organization. Executive summary The lease agreement comes out to be the better option when the lease term is long at about 60 months than a purchase agreement for the same length of time. This is because in the lease agreement, the company is able to break even at about 51 months as compared to the purchase agreement which needs the company to make the payments till the end of the term in order to breakeven. In addition to this,

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