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Buzz Technology We live in a world referred to as the “Age of Technology”. Since mankind has been in existence, our people have found many ways to improve life to make things easier. Everyday new inventions are being created. Technology has impacted our lives so much until the point where we cannot imagine a life without relying on this necessity. Technology has went far beyond our imaginations. As we proceed through the centuries technology continues to blow the minds of everyone. In 1818, Mary Shelly wrote about how,” a world run by technology will be destroyed by the very same technology man has strived to create”. What if we did lose technology and how will that affect us? Today we use technology to carry out the simplest tasks like: turning…show more content…
Technology plays a huge role in medical care, health procedures, and medical system today. Have you ever typed a paper and the computer turned off, and you automatically have a mini heart-attack when you think all your hard work was not saved? Well, if we have a blackout that is all our medical history going in jeopardy. The computer stores all our medical history. Even our blood pressure is taken with a machine, not many places take the blood pressure manually. Medical technology has advanced so much. For example, needle-free Diabetes care, the pain free monitor sensors the level of insulin through the skin. It is a major advancement from using needles. These new technologies are allowing health care doctors to offer cheaper, easier, and more efficient patient care. Everything from artificial hearts to electronic aspirin. As we look, medical technology is on a rise but all these things have something in common. If the electricity and “advanced” technology shuts down patients would be devastated. In Paul Walker’s 2013 film Hours, his baby is born and a few hours later, Hurricane Katrina hits, leaving the hospital in the dark. Walker stays because his baby is on a ventilator. The ventilator went out, the back-up generator went out so he is forced to use a hand-crank generator in order to keep the ventilator battery
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