Buzzing Insects: American Paparazzi

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The American paparazzi have been described by celebrities and the news media as scum-of-the-Earth—mean, intrusive scavengers who feast upon other people’s misery (Saltzman par. 4). Imagine taking a walk with your children in a secluded hiking trail. You are trying to enjoy the peace and serenity that the beautiful day brings, but, as fate has it, you are a celebrity. Along with your fame come fans constantly asking for your autograph, people gazing and staring at you, and ultimately causing a scene wherever you go. However, today you found some time alone to enjoy a few moments of solitude or so you thought. Far off in the distance, you see a determined photographer ready to complete his quest of getting some shots that will turn a nice…show more content…
Many of their tactics, such as harassment, endangering others, or the use of intimidation, are merciless. [ADD EXAMPLE] According to William Hodgeman of the Los Angelis District Attorney's office, "What is clear, at least at ground level is that there is a competition to get a shot…and that the intensity of this conduct is crossing the line into criminal behavior" (Nordhaus 289). There have been many instances occurring with celebrities where they feel that they are in danger, and their privacy is being breached. For example, English singer and actress, Lily Allen, described in an interview, an incident that occurred when seven cars followed her out of her house. I turned into a T-junction and they all ran a red light, then tried to overtake on the inside. A woman had to slam the brakes on her car as they cut in. I braked too, of course, and this guy ran into the back of me. I got out of the car. I was shaken up… Instead of talking to me, like a decent human being would, he got his camera out and started taking pictures, and I just thought, 'I've had it with the press, I can't do this anymore.' I got back into the car and called my lawyer (Saner par. 9). In a time of need, Allen was swarmed with pictures instead of help. Celebrities should not have to accept this invasion as a part of their careers, and many are starting to speak up about the issue. John Mayer, in a testimony at a Paparazzi Task Force Meeting in 2008, brought this

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