Essay about Bvsx Case

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Q1.1: Assessment of the situation
BVSx was a small independent division of a big pharmaceutical company located in Luxembourg. It is a technological leader and company number 2 in the vaccine market today. During last years BVSx’s profits raised and its share in the group revenue increased from 5 to 20%. According to analyst report by Banque de Genève, two latest cancer treatment products create a new market up to $ 2 bln. Implementation of “Augmentor®” technologies gives VxC1 (cancer treatment vaccine) several advantages over similar competitor’s product. The only problem associated with this particular case is that low efficiency of Purchasing Department and poor communications with R&D specialists led to further problems over the
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2) Create a computer-based supply plan with forecasts for all ingredients required for BVSx. It will lessen communication time, orders could be placed automatically and all delays are indicated immediately that will give a chance to change supplier for certain products when necessary. Using united software within departments and sometimes with key suppliers and customers will enable to see more transparent
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