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Media Plan For Bwin
BAAMC Media Planning Level I
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Table of Contents Background/Context 3-4 Share of Market 3 Share of Voice 4 Analysis 4-11 Sponsorship 5-6 Press 6-8 TV 8-10 Media Objectives 11-13 Media Plan 13-16 Execution 16-31 Media Flow Chart 16 Propose Budget 17 TV CPT, GRPs, CPP & Rates 17-22 Magazine CPT, GRPs & Rates 23-26 Press CPT, GRPs, Impacts & Rates 27-30 Duplicated Reach 30 Total Budget 31 References 32-33 Appendix 34-36

In this essay I will critically analyse the current media strategy for Bwin, the world’s leading name in online betting and real money gaming (Bwin 2012). I will also look into alternative media needs for the
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“Many soccer sponsorship are like short-lived marriages without a court-ship, ultimately ending in an often acrimonious divorce. This is bound up in the power of the clubs, aware of their appeal, dictating terms of their sponsors”
(Chadwick & Thwaites 2005).

The disadvantage of sponsorship in English football is from the sports organisations being able to dictate the amount of presence the sponsor will have. We understand the benefits of sponsorship for Bwin having a positive connection with sports but it is important not to make this a main advertising platform to rely on as the sports organisation have only built the relationship with Bwin for financial investment only.

As an online betting brand, Bwin feel that press is a suitable and effective medium to use for the budget they have for advertising. According to Mintel (2012), betting operators invest heavily in below the line marketing through promotions and bonuses. Newspapers have excellent readership and engagement for advertising material as it is seen to serve as a buying guide for readers looking for different products (Sissors & Baron). In the last year, you have opted to use “The Sun” newspaper as a platform to advertise on, with at least one published advert
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