By Challenging Society’S Conventional Attitudes Towards

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By challenging society’s conventional attitudes towards women, individuals will start to aim for a positive change. No longer would people be victims of gender discrimination. As will be shown, Sita, Nora, and Precious represent strong, literary, female figures that reject being defined by their gender. With regards to that, the major conflicts each character overcomes is the struggle to maintain responsibilities and the criticism for opposing traditions. Eventually confronting their conflicts, each woman is able to gain independence. At the beginning, every woman possesses a set of responsibilities and duties that she is expected to sustain with no questions asked. In The Ramayana, Sita’s role is being the ideal submissive wife to Rama.…show more content…
In the mist of her situation, Torvald describes the influence of having a negative mother figure in the household. The toll is especially great on the children, “Because such an atmosphere of lies infects and poisons the whole life of the home. Each breath the children take in such a house is full of the germs of evil” (Ibsen 27). His warnings immensely scare Nora because she does not want Torvald or her children to think awfully of her. To her husband, Nora is the ideal physical object of attraction that performs and entertains him, and who could not do no wrong. Cause beyond all jobs, her main duty is to be a humble mother and wife, who does the right thing and doesn’t risk defacing the name of Torvald and his home. Putting on a mask and being Torvald’s “little skylark” or “little squirrel” is overbearing for Nora. Like Sita and Nora, Push’s character Precious has pressure to maintain responsibilities that include: getting an education, being a mother, and caring for her own mother. Although Precious wants to achieve her goals by learning how to read and write, her parents restrict her through verbal, physical, and even sexual abuse. At the age of 12, her father, Carl rapes her and --because of this-- Precious becomes withheld in school for getting pregnant. At frequent times, the reminder of the incestuous abuse causes the mother to yell and express aggression
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