By Definition, “Power” In This Context Refers “To The Capacity

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By definition, “power” in this context refers “to the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events.” (The Oxford English Dictionary. 11th ed. 2008. Print.) I will be investigating the theme of ‘power’ in the film ‘Cats & Dogs’ (2001), specifically the scene where Mr Tinkles has a meeting with his employees. There are many factors which demonstrates the idea of power within the relationship the characters have including other features such as wealth, social class and hierarchy. I used these ideas as inspiration towards the narrative of Coursework 1, a short comic I created titled ‘Cookies House Adventures’. Where the cat gets the dog in trouble hoping she would be kicked out of the house. I…show more content…
A modern example of this idea is demonstrated in the white house ( figure 3) where GWB is sat at the head of the table as he is not only the most prestigious person at the table but the president of America. In this specific scene (figure 4) Mr. T is at at the head of the table, implying that he is the leader. As the scene involves such a reputable concept, it unconsciously informs the viewer of the significance of the character. In addition to this, Mr. T’s advisor/ informer is sat on his right hand side (figure 5), which is similar to the idea of a kings ‘right hand man’, who is sat close at hand to help the king rule.

The setting of the scene indicates that the cat is wealthy through the assets which surround the characters. For example, the size of the table and the number of high quality utensils (cups, napkin, plates etc) demonstrates that the owner is wealthy enough to provide that to his guests. Additionally, the setting of the room also points out the theme of wealth through the high ceiling, chandelier, fire place and the size of the dining room hinting that the house is large enough to be a mansion. Wealth has always been related to power, “distribution of wealth implies a relation between the rank of a person in the hierarchy” (Levy, M. 1997.) This allows Mr. T to feel superior over the other characters which is a popular idea within society, an example where this idea is illustrated is in figure 6.

The appearance and gestures of Mr. T
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