By The 1900, European Empires Dominated The World. The

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By the 1900, European empires dominated the world. The aggression of those monarchs led to two global war between the Allies and the Axis, which were known as World War I and World War II. Canada joined the Allies since it was a British colony, and had played a big role in helping them. At the same time, Canadians’ thinking, living style, and Canada’s territory had changed in the 20th century. The three most significant events in the 20th century were The Winnipeg General Strike, the rationing and the joining of Newfoundland. To start off, The Winnipeg General Strike that started from 15 May to 25 June 1919 was a Canada’s best-known strike. People in Canada started to fight for their rights, demanded for a higher wage, shorter working …show more content…

This event was named as “Bloody Saturday”. The Winnipeg General Strike caused the involvement of government, arrest, casualties, and brought a negative influence on the government as it threatened their benefits. However, they significantly brought the idea of workers’ right, so The Winnipeg General Strike was the most significant event in 1919-1939. Continuing on, the Canadian government announced rationing in order to save more war-related materials and food, which brought a positive influence for Canada. Firstly, the Wartime Prices and Trade Board was established to control prices, supervise the distribution of food and scarce goods. “The population learned not to waste; even kitchen fat was saved and used for explosives, drugs and other war materials.” This shows that the rationing had changed citizens’ living, and was an important factor that led to the winning of the Allies. Without it, the soldiers won’t have enough food and materials to fight. In Canada, every citizen was given a set of ration cards to buy gasoline, butter, sugar, meat, tea, and coffee. Canadian adult was limited to a weekly ration of about 1.8 kilograms of meat and 220 grams of sugar, while car owners had a weekly ration of 26 liters of gasoline. However,

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