By The Time You Finished College, Started A Career, Married

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By the time you finished college, started a career, married your boyfriend and began a family – it’s at least 18 years since you finished college. Things have changed since you were student in the shadow Ivory Tower. Here’s the Top 10 things every competitive Mom should know. TAKE COLLEGE LEVEL COURSES WHILE IN HIGH SCHOOL Not advanced placement courses, college courses. They need to take part in their high school’s dual-credit programs. It’s one thing to take a mountain of AP Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics courses taught by a high school teacher on their high school campus. It’s a very different thing to be part of a program in high school that allows students in their senior year to leave the high school campus…show more content…
Pay attention to your student’s face – when the eyes get big, the mouth spontaneously opens, and they become speechless: that’s probably a good first choice. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU VISIT A COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY CAMPUS? Call ahead! Set up appointments with the Office of Admissions for a tour, ask to speak with an academic advisor, talk with a financial aid counselor, speak with a Halls of Residence Director, have a conversation with the Director of the Student Union, stop by the Dean of Student’s Office, and always, always, pay a visit to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies who oversees the student’s major of choice. Get a feel for them. Get a feel for the way these administrators view student services, engagement, and a willingness to be helpful. Not always the most productive, but often the best way to get an honest first impression – show up unannounced in the academic unit that manages your student’s major of choice. The Deans, Associate Deans, or faculty members who agree to meet with you after you talk with the unit secretary – will be predictive of the quality of your student’s future on the campus, and in their academic unit. If these people can’t make time to meet with you, then it says a lot about their faculty culture. It’s a culture to which you should avoid exposing your future college student. APPLY EARLY, APPLY OFTEN It’s always better to cast

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