Bye-Bye Birdie Counterculture

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“Bye Bye Birdie” Directed by George Sidney is a movie filmed in 1963. In the movie, a rock star named Conrad Birdie (played by Jesse Pearson) receives a notice that he is being drafted into the war, but before he leaves for war he travels to a small town in Ohio to perform a farewell television performance and to kiss his biggest fan. Although the film takes place in 1958, the movie reflects the time which it was filmed in (1963). The sixties jump started a counterculture that would change the landscape of the United States and the World. The sixties in the United States was an era driven by a movement of people, mainly youth, fighting for new radical political ideals such as the support for Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, and Gay Rights while opposing war and the political establishment. In a way to fight the establishment and express new views, mainstream counterculture revolutionized pop-culture by popularizing the acceptance of drugs and sex and inviting in new music, hair styles, and revealing clothing. The film Bye Bye Birdie, released in the sixties (1963), reflects the era it was…show more content…
In the movie, Ann-Margret’s character (Kim MacAfee) accepts an invitation to kiss Conrad Birdie (Jesse Pearson) on national television even though she has a boyfriend which can be correlated to the growing acceptance of sex that occurred in the Sixties. In another scene Kim MacAfee dyes her hair and when her mother (played by Mary LaRoche) confronts her about it she argues that it is her hair to do what she pleases which reflects the movement made in the Sixties for women to have control over their own body. A major theme that grew immensely popular during the sixties was the feminism movement (things like women’s birth control pills were created in 1960). This theme of feminism was definitely reflected in the
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