Byod Mobile Plan For Wickid Candles

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WickID Candles is a candle company that features customizable candles that can define a person 's mood or personality hence the "ID" in the name. This franchise currently has twenty-five stores in five states (North Carolina, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, and Washington). WickID Candles has 500 employees that work in one of our five departments. The departments vary from sales, advertising, accounting, manufacturing, and transportation. Even though our manufacturing and transportation crews work together, they are two separate teams. In addition, our sales department also has two individual groups within the department. The first group of employees focus on in store sales, while the other group manages…show more content…
If WickID Candles implements the BYOD plan, each employee would be able to use their personal cell phones for work purposes. They will be used to keep up with the workplace environment at home or whenever they are out of the office. This will allow to them have access to personal work data whether via their work email or access to the company 's personal sites. With BYOD, employees would be able to use their mobile devices to interact with customers, manage accounts, and even create new aspects of our online store. This plan would potentially give workers the flexibility to work at the leisure of their homes and to continue to work without being tied to the office. Our goal is that this will increase engagement with customers and increase work productivity. IBM states that there are three main benefits of BYOD. There 's an increase in productivity and innovation, employees are satisfied, and the company can sometimes save money. Keep in mind that the benefits all depend on the situation. When employees are motivated to work, productivity is high. According to IBM, employees are more comfortable with their personal phones and tend to have upgraded versions. The enterprise will then benefit from the latest features on the employees phones allowing them to be more productive. With that,
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