Byu H Student Opinions And Position Of Bottled Water Ban Essay

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BYU-H Student Opinions and Position in Bottled Water Ban

Name: Liu, Ting-ju
Class: EIL 320
Brother Rama

Abstract This study was conducted to see the opinions and the position of the students of BYU-H in the policy of banning bottled water. To obtain the accurate data of BYU-H students ' attitude in banning bottled water, we came out a survey contains 9 personal background information and 7 questions about bottled water to interview the students of BYU-H. After interviewed over 100 of BYU-H students, we know majority have no experience of water shortage and reject banning bottled water, even they know it is seriously environmentally harmful. This study can help schools to know students attitude and assist them to improve the policy in banning bottled water, furthermore, to help people realize the importance to have their own bottle instead of consuming numerous plastic bottled water and strengthen their awareness in environmental protection. (133)

Introduction Over the past 25 years, bottled water industry has climbed into the top of the world market. (M.A. & A.B., 2008) In the late 1970s, the demand for bottled water has been increasing as people started to worry about the quality of tap water and began to purchase bottled water. (M.A. & A.B., 2008) Furthermore, followed with a promotion campaign by processors of bottled water, the need of bottled water has gradually escalated, became a multibillion-dollar industry and the major

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