Byzantine Empire Research Paper

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The eastern Roman Empire also known as the Byzantine Empire was originated form and was part of the great Roman Empire which lasted from the fall of Western Roman Empire in 467 A.D, till 1453 A.D., when Constantinople was capture and lost to Ottoman Turks Empire. Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire founded and named after Constantine I. after splitting from Western Roman Empire eastern Roman Empire make every effort to create new Rome in east therefore the Byzantine developed its own unique culture and constructed new buildings with distinct architecture. The Byzantines were great patrons of art and architectures. The place of the emperor were huge and was blazed with gold, silver, marble and mosaics. The emperor were and…show more content…
The interior and the artistic features of the Hagia Sophia makes it so magnificent. The features of the Hagia Sophia includes combination of three traditional basilical plans with the dome as the central design. “The structure has three nefi, one apsi, and two narthex, internal and external. The length from the apsis to the outer narthex is 100 m, and the width is 69.5 m. ” The central dome of the Hagia Sophia is considered as the dome of haven. “The height of the dome from the ground level is 55.60 m and the radius is 31.87 m in the North to South direction and 30.86 in the East to West direction ”. The weight of the dome is carried by four great arches, “which rest on a series of tympana and semi-domes, which in turn rest on smaller semi-domes and arcades” . The dome was problematic due to the structural complexity, therefore it was collapsed in 558 but later it was rebuilt again in 562 to a greater height . The inside the interior of the Hagia Sophia was built from exclusive and expansive diverse colored marbles and ornamental stone inlays. Marbles that were used for the decoration were reused and was taken from ancient buildings to support the interior arcades . The upper part of the building was originally decorated in “gold which consist of a huge cross in a medallion at the summit of the dome” . New features like the mosaics were added to the building after the emerge of iconoclasm. The Hagia Sophia was built in five years and was inaugurated by emperor
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