Byzantine vs, Abbasid (Compare and Contrast Essay)

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Byzantine vs Abbasid During the postclassical era many great empires arose. Two of the most powerful and influential groups of the time were the Byzantine Empire and the Abbasid Caliphate. Both the Abbasids and the Byzantines were places where important cultural hubs existed and where trade flourished throughout the whole empire. Even though culture was present in each area, the cultures were not the same and there were separate religious beliefs and practices; for example the Byzantine Empire was mainly Orthodox Christian while the Abbasid Caliphate was Sunni Muslim. Use of religion throughout the empire, methods of rule, and eventual ways of declining all caused the Byzantines and Abbasids to have a distinctive and lasting …show more content…

The Byzantine emperor had to be ordained and was head of the church and state. Military expansion was greater in the Abbasid government than in the Byzantine. The Abbasids spread out through North Africa, Persia, and of course, Arabia. The Byzantines, who were based in Constantinople, were pretty much where the Roman Empire previously was. Throughout time, there were more than a few times when the Byzantines had conflicts with each other. The Abbasids frequently invaded the Byzantines and

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