C & C And C Cakes And Coffee Bar

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At C&C Cakes and Coffee Bar we believe that there is a segment of the population that would like to be able to purchase a premium cup of coffee and other coffee products quickly and easily without hassle of poor service. Our vision is to satisfy customers with a drink that sparks their day and a sweet taste that brings back childhood memories. The mission of C&C cakes and coffee bar is that we understand the importance of the need of a strong coffee drink to get you going within an atmosphere that marvels the high end premium shops but at a bargain price to consumers with exceptional customer service. The location is easy to access within the community with a drive-thru structure with an easy in/out access and yet our popularity allows us…show more content…
The focused target of the business would be as a midrange middle class business that offers unique prices and atmosphere with goals to franchise the business later on. The environment would be welcoming with inviting colors and comfortable seating designed with large group gatherings in mind. The main hours would be breakfast and lunch with the business closed by 7pm. Within the business there will be booths set up for various vendors such as ice cream, frozen yogurt, and my wife’s bakery. The main goal is to partner with other small business owners to set up an environment that would benefit everyone. The main focus will be the quality of the coffee with easy to grab snack items. The theme of the business is a one-shop location that a family can come to order cakes for their special event, have a cup of coffee, or desert, while the kids enjoy an ice cream. The downfall for a lot of businesses is that they may be seasonal, such as ice cream. We would only allow vendors to come into the brick and mortar setting with a huge following and revenue spreadsheet showing growth over their last year. Our storefront will be advertised through various avenues. We will use social media to our advantage by hosting events that can be posted on places like Facebook or Twitter that would entice potential customers to come check us out. We will use the power of networking to our advantage by giving out discounts to local celebrities
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