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CASE 1: C & C GROCERY STORES, INC. 1. In general, how did C&C’s first organizational structure contribute to the store managers’ dissatisfaction? The role of the district store supervisor in relation to the store manager was the primary cause of store manager dissatisfaction. Employee development wasn’t a top priority and it showed. Store managers wanted to learn management skills so they could develop promotion potential for the district and regional corporate positions. Unfortunately, the operational activities of their job prevented this and they actually learned very little about such skills or about the requirements to run each of the departments in their store much less general merchandising skills. The…show more content…
It will also give him the chance to learn about merchandising, meat, produce among other skills required for future promotions. The fact that the meat, grocery and produce department managers will report directly to the store manager may give stores the independence they need to adjust their products, layout, and structure to their respective location, especially since now the store manager will have full control of his store. “Focusing store responsibility on a single manager would encourage coordination within stores and adaptation to local conditions”. The roles of each supervisor are now clearer and more structured, for example the meat and produce managers are now ruled to whatever the store manager says not what district managers say, the store manager has the final word for a decision to be made on his store. 6. What disadvantages might emerge over time with the proposed reorganization? The disadvantage that this may cause is that if overtime they decide to expand the amount of department managers per store (i.e. Pharmacy manager, gourmet manager, among others) employees may have problems with having too many managers on the floor. Spacing is also a concern; each manager will have to have their areas assigned correctly so that no one steps over the other’s area which may cause

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