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MGMT 5083 Analysis and Design of Organization Case Questions Chapter 1 - S-S TECHNOLOGIES INC. OBJECTIVES 1. To acquaint students with the case analysis method. 2. To observe structural and contextual variables in an organizational situation. 3. To redesign an ongoing organization. 4. To develop organizational structure for innovative employees. Like the Xerox case which opens Chapter 1, this case can serve as a point of reflection throughout the semester. More advanced issues regarding organizational structure (chapter 3), change (chapter 11), and compensation as a reward system (chapters 12 and 13) can be developed later. SUGGESTED STUDY QUESTIONS 1. Analyze structural and contextual variables…show more content…
Why? PART III- 1. Which organization was more effective at developing the prototype and meeting the deadlines? Was its level of effectiveness due to the goals chosen by top management? 2. Predict which organization will get the final contract. Why? PART IV— 1. How can Acme's success be explained? Did Acme's goals seem more appropriate? Did stakeholder satisfaction play a role? 2. Overall, who was more effective, Acme or Omega? Explain. Chapter 5. - CASE FOR ANALYSIS ~ HUGH RUSSEL, INC. 1. Briefly describe whether events in this case support or refute the resource dependence, collaborative network, population ecology, and institutional perspectives. Why or why not? 2. Do you think the changed relationships with other organizations could have occurred without internal company changes? Explain. 3. Hugh Russel seemed to increase its legitimacy and power by developing personal relationships with other companies. Does this make sense to you as general strategy for powerless organizations? Use ideas from the chapter in your discussion. CASE FOR ANALYSIS ~ OXFORD PLASTICS COMPANY 1. How does the institutional environment and view come into play for Oxford in this case? 2. How does legitimacy fit into this situation? 3. How might coercive forces affect this decision? Chapter 6 - CASE FOR ANALYSIS ~ TopDog Software 1. What are the arguments for and against TopDog’s going international? 2. If TopDog

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