C. E. Willis: A Short Story

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It started on a nightly walk back home from work. Brogan E. Willis, worked at the small town hall, just outside of Elbridge, where she lived. Willis always started her night with a small stroll back into town, where she was permitted to park her vehicle. The trail however, was a very vigorous path, especially in her small black leather pumps. It was a muggy night, the dirt on the trail, damp and loose, her clothes slightly wet from the fog. The smell of rain radiating around the dark woods slightly soothed the sharp feeling of someone watching her ahead in the undergrowth.
She focused on the slight movement ahead in the bush. She had barely noticed the slight drizzle of rain around her, as she was tranquilized by the figure. It was small,
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Take’s ruined my life man!” The man threw down what looked to be a talisman.

Brogan quickly picked up the object. It was a brown stone circle, with carvings of “3w” on the front. It had three gems encrusted in a triangle shape, inside that triangle was a Sun-Moon symbol. Willis quickly shoved the object in her pocket.

“You must destroy it...It’s dangerous” The man backed away from the women, before sprinting back into the woods.

Brogan quickly stood up, running to her car this time. She slammed the door after sitting in the front seat. She then threw her purse, and the strange object in the back seat, before speeding off onto the highway.

Once reaching her driveway, she couldn't wait to be in bed. Brogan had a long, hard, and very strange day. Her arm had started hurting from her encounter about an hour ago. She stepped out of her car, and ran barefoot inside the house where she knew she was safe. Slamming the door once inside, she heard the muffled sounds of her family throughout the house. She tore off her white trench coat, and threw it in front of the wash. She hoped that she would eventually be able to get that mud off the sleeve from the man touching her. It was quiet for a bit, until her family finally realized mom was home. That gave her a few minutes to scrutinize the object. She took it into the kitchen, where the light was
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