C.F Martin Guiter Company Case Study

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Case Study Paper on Case Study # 04 C.F. Martin Guitar Company EMBA-503 : “Management and Organization” Spring’2011 Team Member Name ID Faculty of Business Studies East West University Date of Submission: March 11, 2011 Table of Contents Introduction 02 Brief History “C. F. Martin Guitar Company” 03 Key decisions over the years 05 Achievements 07 Key decision taken in recent days 08 Conclusion 09 Question and Answer 10 References 16 Introduction: Established in 1833, C. F. Martin & Co. is the oldest surviving maker of guitars in the world. Currently the largest producer of acoustic guitars in the United States, the company is highly regarded for creating some of…show more content…
Patience in giving the necessary time to finish every part. A good guitar cannot be built for the price of a poor one, but who regrets the extra cost for a good guitar?" Almost one hundred years later, this statement is still an accurate expression of the company's philosophy. Although the company is firmly rooted in its past, Chris is not reluctant to take the company in new directions. For instance, in the late 1990s, he made the bold decision to start selling guitars in the under-$800 market segment. This segment accounts for 65 percent of the acoustic guitar industry's sales. The company's DXM model was introduced in 1998. Although it doesn't look, smell, or feel like the company's pricier models, customers claim it has a better sound than most other instruments in that price range. Chris justified his decision by saying that "If Martin just worships its past without trying anything new, there won't be a Martin left to worship."The company is doing well under Chris's management. Revenues have continued to increase and in 2000 were close to $60 million. The manufacturing facility in Nazareth was expanded and new guitar models continue to be introduced. Employees describe his management style as friendly and personal, yet firm and direct. Although C. F. Martin Guitar Company continues to spread its wings in new directions, it hasn't lost sight of the commitment to making the absolute finest products it

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