C.W Williams Healtj Center

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Case Study: C. W. Williams Health Center: A Community Asset Dr. Charles Warren “C. W.” Williams had a passion and a desire to be of medical service to “those less fortunate” (Swayne, p. 742) in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg, NC community. He enlisted the help of other medical professionals to assist with the creation of a health facility that would serve “the unserved and underserved population of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.” (Swayne, p. 742) Unfortunately, Dr. Williams died shortly after the opening of the facility and it was eventually named in his honor. Michelle Marrs, the new CEO for the C. W. Williams Health Center examines the current operational conditions of the facility. She understands the importance of the health care…show more content…
One of their issues with staffing physicians is the local competition. They are either employed with other managed care facilities, contractually obligated to another facility, or have other priorities. Due to the number of patients, they are outgrowing their current facility and looking to expand. They have found an ideal location, but would have to invest $500,000 to remodel as well as $479,000 to purchase the building. Although the new location would appeal to Medicaid patients and the insured population, Mrs. Marrs is unsure if the time is perfect to expand. There are four processes that C.W. Williams Health Center can use to complete the external environmental analysis and they are scanning, monitoring, forecasting, and assessing. The scanning function would allow the organization to see the current trends or issues of similar establishments and using that data to improve. Monitoring allows tracking the issues in scanning and has several important functions. “The monitoring process investigates the sources of the information obtained in the scanning process and attempts to identify the organization or organizations creating change and the sources reporting change.” (Ginter, Duncan, & Swayne, 2013, p. 53) Assessing involves evaluating the collected data; it includes “development of the vision, and mission, and formulation of the strategic plan.” (Ginter, Duncan, & Swayne, 2013, p. 54) The C.W. Williams Health Center
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