C132 Effective Communication Task 1 Essay

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Presentation Rationale

Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to educate and inform my audience of the risks inherent from unintended hypothermia. I’m eager to alert perioperative staff of the potential dangers as well as the preventative measures that can be taken in order to avoid complications associated with unintended hypothermia. My central idea is hypothermia management saves lives.
Intended Audience: My ideal audience for this speech would be those medical professionals working in the perioperative area.
Significance: This topic is very significant to my audience because our patients’ outcomes are directly related to our competency in this area. Knowledge of what measures are to be implemented to avoid unintended hypothermia
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(Hart et al., 2011)
b. The prevention and management of unintended hypothermia remain a nation priority in preventing surgical site infection, and it has been designated as an SCIP quality measure. (Philips, 2015)
i. Hypothermia may also trigger thermoregulatory vasoconstriction; the consequent reduction in cutaneous blood flow leads to subcutaneous tissue hypoxia and failure of humoral immune defense systems to reach target areas to fight infection. (Hart et al., 2011) ii. Hypothermia, defined as a core body temperature less than 36C, is a relatively common occurrence in the unwarmed surgical patient. A mild degree of perioperative hypothermia can be associated with significant morbidity and mortality. (Hart et al., 2011)
Show visual aid (Hart et al., 2011)
III. Main Point 2: Unintended hypothermia leads to increased length of stay.
a. Hypothermia extends post anesthesia recovery time and prolongs hospitalization. (AORN, 2015). i. Hypothermia decreases metabolism and changes the effects of anesthetic medication. (Rothrick, 2015) ii. Hypothermia can cause adverse cardiovascular, hematologic, immunologic, metabolic, and neurologic effects extending acuity and length of stay (Phillips, 2013).
IV. Conclusion
a. Restatement of thesis: Research suggests that intraoperative temperature management should be closely monitored

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