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C200 - Managing Organizations and Leading People
Course of Study

This course supports the assessment for Managing Organizations and Leading People. The course covers 4 competencies and represents 3 competency units.

This course covers principles of effective management and leadership that maximize organizational performance. The following topics are included: the roles and functions of a manager, analysis of personal leadership styles, approaches to self-awareness and self-assessment, and application of foundational leadership and management skills.
Watch the following videos for an introduction to this course:
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C200 - Managing Organizations and Leading People
Course of Study

Note: Throughout this courseware, you will see orange text stating “counts toward grade.”
Please disregard this note. The assignments within this MindTap course will provide you and the course mentor feedback to identify problematic content areas that may need to be supplemented with other content matter. The performance assessments and/or objective assessments will determine a pass/fail for the course.
Other Learning Resources
You will use the following learning resources for this course.
WGU Library Articles
This course utilizes resources via the WGU Library, with articles available for you to read. For instructions on how to access WGU Library articles, see the “Accessing WGU Library Articles” page. Each of the readings listed below has been added to the related Management chapters within the MindTap course. You can access the readings by clicking on the assigned chapter readings within the courseware.
The following WGU Library articles will be used in this course:
Bell, C. R. (2013). How leaders grow innovation. T+D, 67(2), 42-45.
Brackett, M. A., Rivers, S. E., & Salovey, P. (2011). Emotional intelligence: Implications for personal,
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