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------------------------------------------------- Task 2: Theories of Leadership Assessment Code: C200 Student Name: Robert Merrifield Student ID: Date: 4/15/2016 Student Mentor Name: Carol Kamen-Kannel Table of Contents Reflection on Seven Habits Profile 3 Personal Leadership Strengths 4 Personal Leadership Weaknesses 5 Recommendation for Personal Leadership 6 S.M.A.R.T Goals 6 Specific Actions 7 References 8 Reflection on Seven Habits Profile – A After completing the Seven Habits profile, I reviewed my results from the completed profile form. The profile was pretty true to form in how I look at life whether it be, business, or life goals and my end vision for how I would like things to turn out. I scored rather highly in all…show more content…
It's about developing the habit of listening carefully and really understanding the other person BEFORE giving your thoughts”. Stephen Covey (1989) My second lowest habit score was, “Think win-win”, which also makes since as this habit that focuses on finding solutions that benefit not just yourself, but makes a solution for you and others. In life we are taught a win or lose situation is always it, but as in capitalism, that also gets a bad rap, but is similar in this habit as it focus on not just taking your slice of the pie, but rather growing the pie for everyone, which is a win/win for all. In looking at my seven habits profile I would consider myself a Transactional Leader and would scribe to the Transactional Leadership theory. I thrive on structure in an organization and in my life. As a Manager and competitive runner who is always planning to a set plan or program, I thrive on structure and perform well when a program has a well defined “rewards-penalty system”, and with groups who know their jobs well. According to Pamela Spahr, “A transactional leader is someone who values order and structure. They are likely to command military operations, manage large corporations, or lead international projects that require rules and regulations to complete objectives on time or move people and supplies in an organized way. Transactional leaders are not a good fit for

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