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C228 - Community Health Nursing – Task 1 Christi Corder Western Governors University Identification of Community Greenville County is located in upstate South Carolina along Interstate 85. It is found halfway between Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. Greenville is part of the Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin Metropolitan Statistical Area and is the largest city in this area (“Greenville, South Carolina,” n.d.). Approximately 59.7% of the population consists of individuals between the ages of 20-64 (“Demographics,” 2014). The leading causes of death in this county include cancer, followed closely by heart disease, chronic lower respiratory disease, stroke, and accidents (“County by County,” 2013). Industry overview…show more content…
The population of Hispanics has had the most substantial growth, which has increased significantly since 2000 and now consists of 8.7% of the population. There are slightly more females, who compose 51.6% of the population than males, who compose 48.4% of the population (“Greenville County,” 2014). The main religious affilations of the population in Greenville consists of 50% Southern Baptists, 11% United Methodist, 8% Catholic, 6% Presbyterian Church, and 25% other affiliation (“County of Greenville,” 2014). Disaster Assessment & Planning Guide Greenville County’s disaster preparedness plans and resources are maintained by the Emergency Operations Center. The Emergency Operations Center “is the physical location where emergency management and support personnel come together during an emergency to coordinate response and recovery efforts and allocate available resources” (“Emergency Preparedness,” 2015). Greenville County Hazards include naturally occurring events such as dam/levee failure, drought, flooding, tornados, tropical storms, and winter storms; as well as hazardous materials (HazMat) events including fixed facility accidents, nuclear accidents, pipeline accidents, and transportation accidents. Hazardous materials events are of particular concern due to the fact that “Greenville County has more than 1,400 miles of state-maintained highways, numerous railroad lines, and many industrial manufacturing plants that use hazardous materials”

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